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ACER2 Antibody Review Page

Entry Name ACER2 MOUSE
Full Protein Name Alkaline ceramidase 2
Alternative Names Alkaline CDase 2AlkCDase 2maCER2, N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase 3-like, Acylsphingosine deacylase 3-like, Cancer-related gene liver 1 protein, CRG-L1
Gene Name Acer2
Gene Synonym Asah3l
UniProt ID Q8VD53
Entrez Gene ID
Ref Seq ID
Functional Description of ACER2 Hydrolyzes the sphingolipid ceramide into sphingosine and free fatty acid.
Subcellular Location Golgi apparatus membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein
Tissue Specificity
Post Translation Modifications of ACER2
Similarity Belongs to the alkaline ceramidase family.
Mass (Da) 31369
ACER2 Homologs Human [Q5QJU3]Mouse [Q8VD53]

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RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS:Alkaline ceramidase 2 regulates β1 integrin maturation and cell adhesion

Wei Sun, Wei Hu, Ruijuan Xu, Junfei Jin, Zdzislaw M. Szulc, Guofeng Zhang, Sehamuddin H. Galadari, Lina M. Obeid, and Cungui Mao
FASEB J, Feb 2009; 23: 656 - 666.

.... to Western blot analysis using the anti-ACER2 antibody. The same membrane blot was reprobed...then immunoprecipitated with the anti-ACER2 antibody from an equal volume of the cell...by Western blot analysis with the anti-ACER2 antibody. D) HeLa cells treated with 1 uM...

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