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GPC2 Antibody Review Page

Entry Name GPC2 RAT
Full Protein Name Glypican-2
Alternative Names Cerebroglycan, HSPG M13
Gene Name Gpc2
Gene Synonym
UniProt ID P51653
Entrez Gene ID
Ref Seq ID
Functional Description of GPC2 Cell surface proteoglycan that bears heparan sulfate. May fulfill a function related to the motile behaviors of developing neurons.
Subcellular Location Cell membrane; Lipid-anchorGPI-anchor; Extracellular side, Secreted glypican-2: Secretedextracellular space
Tissue Specificity Nervous system.
Post Translation Modifications of GPC2
Similarity Belongs to the glypican family.
Mass (Da) 63354
GPC2 Homologs Human [Q8N158]Mouse [Q8BKV1]Rat [P51653]

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GPC2 Antibody Review Articles (Recent papers citing the use of GPC2 antibodies)

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THROMBOSIS AND HEMOSTASIS:The dominant-negative von

Caterina Casari, Mirko Pinotti, Stefano Lancellotti, Elena Adinolfi, Alessandra Casonato, Raimondo De Cristofaro, and Francesco Bernardi
Blood, Dec 2010; 116: 5371 - 5376.

.... ImmunoResearch Laboratories. Monoclonal anti-VWF M31 and M13 were obtained as described...reducing condition with monoclonal M31 or M13 anti-VWF antibodies. Western blot films were scanned...Transfected cells were stained with anti-VWF antibodies and with endoplasmic reticulum...

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BIOPHYSICS:From the Cover: Single M13 bacteriophage tethering and stretching

Ahmad S. Khalil, Jorge M. Ferrer, Ricardo R. Brau, Stephen T. Kottmann, Christopher J. Noren, Matthew J. Lang, and Angela M. Belcher
PNAS, Mar 2007; 104: 4892 - 4897.

.... tethers, therefore, are likely to withstand much higher forces than those needed to dissociate single biotin-streptavidin or H6-antibody bonds. The second result answers the question of what effect an engineered modification in the major coat g8p may have on...

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BIOCHEMISTRY:Two-state selection of conformation-specific antibodies

Junjun Gao, Sachdev S. Sidhu, and James A. Wells
PNAS, Mar 2009; 106: 3071 - 3076.

.... supplemented with carbenicillin and M13-KO7. The culture supernatants were used in phage ELISAs to identify binding clones (33). Antibody Purification and Kinetic Analysis by SPR. The phage display phagemid was converted into the Fab expression vector by deleting...

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Luman/CREB3 Induces Transcription of the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Response Protein Herp through an ER Stress Response Element

Genqing Liang, Timothy E. Audas, Yu Li, Gregory P. Cockram, J. Doug Dean, Amanda C. Martyn, Koichi Kokame, and Rui Lu
Mol. Cell. Biol., Nov 2006; 26: 7999 - 8010.

.... full-length protein (M13) (25), a polyclonal Herp antibody (17), a FLAG monoclonal antibody (M2...antibody (Rb5660) against Luman(N) and a Herp antibody (17) were used as primary antibodies...affinity-purified Luman antibody (Rb5660) and a Herp antibody (17) as primary antibodies. b-Actin...

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Phage binding specificity towards RhoQ63L compared to wild type Rho...
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