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GPC2 Antibody Review Page

Entry Name GPC2 RAT
Full Protein Name Glypican-2
Alternative Names Cerebroglycan, HSPG M13
Gene Name Gpc2
Gene Synonym
UniProt ID P51653
Entrez Gene ID
Ref Seq ID
Functional Description of GPC2 Cell surface proteoglycan that bears heparan sulfate. May fulfill a function related to the motile behaviors of developing neurons.
Subcellular Location Cell membrane; Lipid-anchorGPI-anchor; Extracellular side, Secreted glypican-2: Secretedextracellular space
Tissue Specificity Nervous system.
Post Translation Modifications of GPC2
Similarity Belongs to the glypican family.
Mass (Da) 63354
GPC2 Homologs Human [Q8N158]Mouse [Q8BKV1]Rat [P51653]

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