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About Us

Antibodyreview.com was developed as a free information resource to help researchers in the life sciences community find suitable antibodies.  The site was started with the goal of answering a simple yet complex question “where can I find a suitable antibody for any target of interest?”.

Searching on this site you will be able to:

·       Find out if any publications citing the use of antibodies against a protein of interest exist. 

·       View relevant peer reviewed images for a protein of interest

·       Search and view products from vendors for proteins of interest – antibodies, ELISA kits, expression ready cDNA clones etc.

We hope that you find this website useful and welcome any comments, suggestions that you may have. 

What is Here

Antibodyreview.com is based on a Protein Knowledge Base called ProteinKB™. ProteinKB™ is a curated database developed by us containing 42,000 Human, Mouse and Rat proteins.  In addition to basic protein information more than 120,000 antibody related publications and more than 200,000 protein related images have been indexed and are accessible from this site.  Every publication and image is indexed to at least one specific protein and some to multiple proteins.

Objectives and Goals:

·       Provide clear and concise information to help researchers find suitable antibodies to further their research. 

·       User friendly web interface with advanced search features to efficiently narrow down and identify antibodies of interest. 

·       Index relevant antibody related publications for every protein. 

·       Index representative image(s) for every protein. 

·       List an available antibody for every protein.  

Suppliers - interested in listing your antibodies and other protein or gene specific products?

Please contact us at info@antibodyreview.com and we will follow-up with you promptly.